KAMANA… inspired by Hawaiian principles, a combination of

KAtrin… this is me
… the power, energy or universal (life-) force that flows within us and everything.

I am an Austrian Yoga Teacher and Mindfulness Consultant. My aim is to inspire others by following my passion to teach, to travel and surf. To make you discover your own journey and to live your full potential. Because I know you can.

Let´s get in touch if you want to work with me.

I am…
A wandering soul. Wild at heart and open minded.
Looking for the depth within, never believing what is visible on the outside.
Chasing freedom. And the best waves.
Some days pure sunshine, on others causing thunderstorms.
A little rebel inside, always curious for more. Belonging to the ocean. Following the sun.
Losing myself in traveling, finding love in so many places.
Shining bright through all my emotions and sharing that.
Sometimes all over the place, other times invisible and quiet.
Finding peace in nature and looking for inspiration when drifting through big city life.
Needing contrast and change every once in a while. Trusting in simplicity. And magic.
Listening to feelings. Continuously learning. Flying high and diving deep.
Wanting to move others. Going that little bit further that makes you start over thinking.
Holding space to grow. And to find real happiness.
Making a difference by being just me. Following my own path.
Unapologetically honest, authentic and proud of it.  


  • International Yoga Alliance certified Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga Teacher
  • Certified REIKI Practitioner
  • University degrees in Sociology & Socio-Economics
  • Journalist
  • Consultant
  • Entrepreneur
  • Years of work & travel experience in Europe, Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, California and Hawaii

More to come, stay tuned!